Sunday, May 28, 2006

Movies and Music

JSM and I watched "Proof" Friday night. We agreed that it was the most accurate movie we have ever seen in getting the dialogue right between academics, with only the occasional gratuitous math explanation. We enjoyed the multiple, interweaving themes of proof, although it didn't provoke nearly as much discussion as "Adaptation," where the structure of the movie mirrors the efforts of the protagonist. It also reminds me of "Dogville," which I absolutely adored but must see again, because I can barely recall that there were layers of self-referencing moral analysis.

I'm looking for music that has that same tight, interwoven presentation of multiple levels and variations on a theme, either musically or lyrically. Netflix does good job of movie recommendations, but I'm not getting good recommendations from itunes or amazon. Any suggestions, popular, classical, whatever?

I'm also interested in music that is more meditative, as in it helps relax and induce a meditative state. Think Joanne Shenandoah's Matriarch.


Carey said...

Jack Johnson's album "In Between Dreams" is one of our favourites at the moment; can't get enough of it! Another is Maroon 5, "Songs About Jane" (a bit old, but terrific nonetheless).

I'm a public radio junkie, though. Unfortunately, I find they don't announce piece titles often. This is a little frustrating since I often hear great stuff on there - without ever knowing what it IS. LOL.

Oooh... ya know what I'd also love to check out? The new Dixie Chicks album! Haven't heard it yet...

SAM-I-am said...

LOL, I'll bring it in August. You know that we're missing the Dixie Chicks concert here in DC in order to come to your celebration and Sarah's wedding? How could Sarah not check the Dixie Chicks tour schedule before scheduling her wedding?! We trying to decide if we're going to drive up to Pittsburgh in July or fly out to Oregon in November, for the first US concert after the election.

Oooh, and public radio that plays great music, I've heard about such places. My public radio station is all talk, except for Sunday afternoon bluegrass. Not that I mind bluegrass, but I would like a little more variety.

What else do they have up there? I heard a rumor about universal health care coverage...Why are you moving south? You should be moving North. Buy some land that would be prime vacation property if it only warmed up, and who knows, maybe it will. hehehe