Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thinking Positively

The three of us--JSM, me, and the littlest one--took a road trip this last weekend. As Bob Marley was singing on the ipod, “Get up, stand up; stand up for your rights,” I took a phone call. As I finished, JSM said, “Play it again, he’s singing.” So I played it again, and from the back we heard, “Get up, stand up. Stand up for your wife.”

Apparently he doesn’t know his rights. (He just turned 3, and I’d never heard him use the word ‘wife’ before, either.) Neither did I, and since Angelina Jolie recently exhorted me to know my rights, I looked them up.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Do check them out. I am pleased with the advancement of humanity, at least in theory. I can’t wait until my country catches up with the rest of the western world.

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